What information do I need to provide my Builder to receive an accurate quote?

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of a project, especially when building unique and custom homes. These may include finishes, selected materials, site access as well as the technical nature of the project etc. As each project is quite specific in its requirements, they will be quoted individually. You can rest assured that the detailed quote provided will discuss all of these elements and we welcome the opportunity to discuss potential options that may benefit your project and budget.
In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote for your new project, it is best to offer as much detail as possible right from the beginning. If you have been working with an Architect or Draftsperson, they will have collated a ‘tender’ package for your Builder, which will include a full set of working drawings, engineering and specifications. If you are using our Design Team to manage your entire project, we will create these documents for you.
When quoting, we use a sophisticated software program that allows us to quantify the exact material needs for each individual project. We also liaise closely with our suppliers and sub-contractors for specific items, materials and components to ensure that all aspects of the quote are accurate and reflect correct material selections.
Therefore you can rest assured that when you receive our detailed quote that everything has been carefully taken into account, ensuring no surprises popping up down the track. And, if you are comparing our quote to another, you will have a clear indication of where our expenses have been allocated.


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