Are Passive Houses really worth it?

Ultimately, a ‘passive’ home is one that does not require additional sources of heating and cooling and maintains an optimal internal living environment without you having to do anything. A Passive Home is designed to be up to 90% more efficient in regards to internal heating and cooling than your typical Australian home. Life without energy bills is pretty appealing, one of our favorite feedback comments from recent clients was that their last Electricity bill for the entire Summer period was $5!
However, it isn’t just the financial costs that need to be considered when looking at the construction method of your home, but also the internal living environment and the quality and durability of the building itself. The airtight design and the provision of controlled fresh and filtered air from a balanced ventilation system, significantly reduces the airborne pollutants and pollens. Meaning that the air quality is far superior to a standard home. Another benefit resulting from the constant internal temperature is that mold, mildew and condensation do not form. No more weeping windows, or mold accumulating on window sills.


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