A Carpentry Career Begins in School

Shop class probably made you fall in love working with tools. It gave you the chance to make a table, chair or even a bird house. But there are other things you need to learn if you want to pursue carpentry career so after graduating from high school, make it a point to go to carpentry school.

There are many carpentry schools all across the country so you don’t have to move out of town or state. You should first check if this is being offered in the nearby community, technical or vocational college.

If there is one, find out what does their curriculum cover. It should have subjects such as math, estimation of costs of jobs, times and materials, use of equipment and tools as well as various techniques in carpentry.

Another thing you have to consider when you select a carpentry school is which career in carpentry you are striving for. Is it to pursue a residential or commercial career in carpentry? The difference between the two is that you can start a residential carpentry career in less than half the time it will take to be a commercial carpenter because the latter requires more skills and even certification.

For those who are not sure yet why they want to do, pick a school that offers both residential and commercial carpentry training. This will give you time to study how to install doors, frames, roofing systems, scaffolding and a host of other things making you a well rounded professional.

You should also consider how much the tuition is. Can you afford to study in this school? If you can’t, don’t give up just yet because they may have a scholarship program that you can avail of.

Apart from schools in the neighborhood, you can also enroll in such a course online. You get to learn the same things as though you are in the classroom and at the end, you also get certification upon successful completion.

If the program or money is not an issue, the only thing you have to worry about now is the success rate of people who graduated from the program in finding a job. Some of these schools may not have a job placement program which means you have to look for one yourself. Others are more helpful because they have tie ups with carpenter contractors or with the various carpentry associations.

Once you have all the information, try to narrow down your options to at least 3 to 5 schools. You then review what each one can offer to students and which of these is favorable to you. From there, all you have to do now is enroll in be willing to accept the training they are giving you.

You don’t get a bachelor’s degree in carpentry when you finish a program given by the community, technical or vocational college. What you have in your hand is a simply a certificate of completion which makes you someone qualified to work in that profession.

What you do after you obtain your certificate is up to you. If you want to work right away, find employment as an apprentice. To further enhance your skills, it will be a good idea to pursue higher education so you can work in a specialized field in carpentry. If you want to be your own, then start your own carpentry contractor business.

You have a lot of options and going to school is the first step when you decide to pursue a carpentry career.


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