Building Your Carpentry Career

Anyone interested in pursuing a carpentry career must establish knowledge in the chosen profession. It is important to be trained and certified in the profession we have chosen. Undergoing training and educational programs that will enhance our skill in the selected field would ensure a brighter future ahead.

With carpentry, there are two main types of carpentry to choose from. First is structural carpentry. Structural carpentry deals mainly with buildings. The second one, detail carpentry, is mainly involved with building and restoring furniture and other similar items. Structural carpentry requires more education and experience.

There are some skills necessarily present or needed in order to be good carpenter. Making sure that you’re physically fit is important since carpentry is very much involved in physical and manual labor. Math skills are also needed. For anybody who would like to purse a career in woodworking, wood shop is also important.

High school and college students who are thinking about entering into the carpentry career normally takes additional math courses to have a head start about woodworking.

For people who are no longer in college or high school there are several trade schools and vocational institutions that offer carpentry training programs. Every locality is likely to have a trade school in the area. Trade schools offer carpentry courses along with other courses like automotive or mechanics.

Vocational institutes and trade school offer carpentry practical training, in-depth curriculums and academic knowledge. Students are taught how to read blueprints, understand and comply with building codes, equipment use, foundation layouts, framing and roofing.

Typical coursework for Carpentry programs includes topics such as how to:

• Estimate time and materials for various types of projects

• Read construction plans

• Measure, cut, drill, join, fasten, and finish materials

• Safely use tools, materials and fasteners

• Construct foundations, frames, roofs, and siding

• Install drywall, floors, doors, windows, and trim

• Repair existing structures

Distance learning or online Certificate Programs in Carpentry are also being offered nowadays by accredited collages and vocational schools. This is to offer flexible course timetable to students that may still be involved in current work or personal responsibilities.

Practical training or on the job training is also a prerequisite for soon-to-be carpenters. More experience and knowledge is garnered from hands-on experiences.

There is another form of training called apprenticeship. With apprenticeship, a more-experienced and well-established carpenter is asked to guide or train an interested or starting carpenter. This means a beginner get to work closely with an expert carpenter and learning a lot hands-on.

Carpentry is mostly offered as a specialization, like cabinet making or ship carpentry. Carpentry schools offer courses that enables the student to select if there would be any field he would like to specialize.

Getting the best training in carpentry can help the students get positions in construction and in the building industry. Good training can provide students the understanding needed in this business, making it possible to improve their employment and also salary.

Carpentry is very important to the construction industry and also to the economy. In 2002, in the United States 1.2 million people are in the carpentry industry. It is expected to increase in the years to come. With proper and good training and good skills, carpenters can anticipate a gaining and permanent employment. With a good education and training, your carpentry career is sure to reach sky high.


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